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7″ (178mm) Weathered
Staggered Shake

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The Foundry’s Weathered Collection captures the essence of time, giving a home the authentic appearance of cedar that has beautifully weathered over the years. Our proprietary process achieves this look by presenting a darker shade of a colour in the grain, and a lighter one on the higher points. Our 7″ (178mm) Weathered Staggered Shake marries this artistic colour with rustic, rough-hewn texture. The variegated colour is carried through the staggered butt ends, long vertical grain, and random widths and keyways.
Protected by a durable ASA cap, these unique Foundry Shakes hold their rich colour, never requiring any staining or painting. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, they provide the highest level of fire resistance and toughness that stands up to any environment.