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Created with moulds cast from real stone, Foundry Limestone Siding provides uncompromising detail and vibrant colour that reflect the authentic, rugged qualities of hand-cut limestone. Our stone siding is easily hung just like our efficient Shake and Shingle panels, delivering a lifetime of expressive stone ambience.
With deep recesses, striking colour and scores of stone moulds, Foundry Limestone Siding achieves bold authenticity with no noticeable pattern. Available in a 10″ (254mm) reveal, the panels’ 5-ft. (1.52 metres) length and innovative patent-pending locking system ensure trouble-free, secure installation. Our genuine colour selection complements various architectural styles.
  • 850 Cottonwood850 Cottonwood
  • 851 Desert Canyon851 Desert Canyon
  • 852 Red Rocks852 Red Rocks
  • 853 Mesa853 Mesa
  • 850 Cottonwood850 Cottonwood