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6″ (152mm) Round

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Rounds are our most popular, versatile Shape, adding distinctive dimension in gables and applications that deliver texture all the way around the home. Crafted with real cedar moulds, they showcase authentic texture with subtle grain and saw-mark detailing. They are available in 10 standard colours that can be mixed and matched for outstanding appeal. Available as a Special Order item in all Foundry Traditional colours.
Season after season and year after year, our Shape profiles hold their rich colour, protected by a durable ASA cap. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and toughness that stands up to the elements, they never require any sanding, scraping, staining or painting.
*For more information on Special Order guidelines please contact Foundry Customer Service at: +44 (0)1482 880478
  • 008 Shadow008 Shadow
  • 034 Eggshell034 Eggshell
  • 049 Putty049 Putty
  • 112 Moss112 Moss
  • 123 Snow123 Snow
  • 202 Oceanside202 Oceanside
  • 230 Juniper230 Juniper
  • 241 Slate241 Slate
  • 246 Toffee246 Toffee
  • 278 Russet278 Russet
  • 008 Shadow008 Shadow