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Our passion to create nature's character is married to our drive to deliver homeowner solutions that are maintenance-free, long-lasting and sustainable.
We share your love for cedar siding ambience. Cedar is treasured for its immersive, romantic kerb appeal. But at the same time, it requires meticulous, recurring upkeep to maintain attractiveness and weather gracefully. Our goal is to provide this level of beauty without any maintenance needed. Only The Foundry delivers a comprehensive, genuine selection of cedar profiles that completely satisfy the desires for outstanding kerb appeal and maintenance-free living.
Foundry vinyl cedar siding is an exact portrait of cedar shake and shingle style, but it's tougher than wood and also fire-resistant. It will never rot, warp, buckle or crack like wood. Foundry siding is crafted from premium self-extinguishing PVC and carries the industry's highest Class 1(A) fire rating.
With the most shake and shingle profiles and the most extensive colour spectrum, The Foundry provides the luxury of choice. From shingles with a subtle grain detail to staggered shakes with a bold rustic dimension, our textures help you create your desired look. Our 24-colour Traditional Collection spans from bright shades like Eggshell and Snow to rich, dark colours such as Juniper, Cocoa and Russet. Our Weathered Collection features a proprietary colour process that provides lighter and darker shades through the different grain levels for a genuine weathered-cedar look. Vintage Green, Coastal White and Aged Cedar are among these 17 elegant colours.
The Foundry delivers this beauty with sustainable home design. Foundry vinyl cedar siding is produced using virgin and recycled content and is itself recyclable. Vinyl is also the lightest siding solution. The Foundry's bold colour is protected against fading and never requires any paints, stains or harsh cleaning solutions. Our siding also takes less energy and water to produce than other siding materials, and is designed with the longest lifecycle – lifetime. When used with optional Fullback® Foam insulation, Foundry vinyl siding significantly reduces home energy bills.